COVID-19 Protocol Updates
​Proudly Serving Our Communities, Today and Always

Reid Funeral Home will continue to serve our Leamington and Essex communities with the same care and compassion as we have for the last 132 years. Our priority is the safety of your family, guests, and our staff. The following protocols have been put in place, but may be altered as more information becomes available.

Adhering to Provincial and Windsor-Essex Health Unit guidelines:

• We are open by appointment only. Please call ahead to meet with our staff.

• We continue to meet families for funeral appointments and imminent pre-need appointments.
Only one or two decision makers of your family may attend. We will communicate through phone and email as much as possible. 

• Indoor Funerals and Visitations are limited to 25% capacity with a maximum of 60 people.
We require attendees to wear their own mask and keep a physical distance of 6 feet from people not from the same household. (as of September 1, 2021)

​Celebrating a Life

How families and friends benefit from a funeral service

Only a few years ago, most funerals took place in a church with the body present, followed by a burial in a local cemetery. With the popularity of cremation and local alternative (store front) cremation services promoting direct cremation with no celebration or service, gradually trends change. Families and friends are now reporting back that this type of experience often leaves them suffering in grief because they are not able to say a proper goodbye. Yes, they may have honoured the deceased wishes, but most cases, this was not the wishes of the family.

Families are once again seeking the help of a full service funeral home to find that middle ground to celebrate a life. The main value of a funeral is the emotional support a community provides.

We are moving away from ceremony and traditions and we are forgetting the good in traditions. A funeral service brings people together, strengthens a family and provides a proper venue to express ourselves and share. Families are looking for a healthy middle ground. That's why it's important to select a full service funeral home.

At Reid Funeral Home & Reception Centre we offer a wide range of options that allow families to celebrate a life. This may not mean going back to the traditional funeral of 30 years ago, but exploring the healthy middle ground that is appropriate for your family. Our funeral directors are skilled at listening to your concerns and providing practical and appropriate suggestions based on past experience and new trends.

Families today are only limited by their creativity. Call us and let us help walk you through the process 

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